Here at Clearun Aussies I am proud of my dogs and the pups that I have produced. Some times I may have older dogs / puppies needing a new home.

If you have any questions please contact Les, 0408 319458


We sometimes have adults or older pups that are looking for new homes. Call for more details. There are no dogs available at the moment


Call for litter details as I sometimes have then available or can put you in touch with a reputable breeder.

Please contact me for details of upcoming litters and availability of older dogs..

Each of the previous litters is listed here in order of birth date. Please go to the relevant page to learn more about each litter.

The 1995 Texas Litter (Chance x Jazzy)

The 1997 Fort Litter (Kiko x Spotlight)

The 1998 Top Litter (Gideon x Spotlight)

The 1999 Ruff Litter (Gideon x Rusty)

The 1999 Star Litter (Gideon x Carlie)

The 2000 Power Litter (Zeke x Rusty)

The 2000 Midnite Litter (Gideon x Spotlight)

The 2000 Last Litter (Gideon x Spotlight)

The 2003 Strike Litter (Bentley x Secret)

The 2003 LAPD Litter (Trig x Carlie)

The 2009 Rock N Roll Litter (Clash x Laney)