The Power Litter

For Rusty's Dayspring's Dakota Rust (Imp USA) HT second litter for Sugargum we decided to use our newly arrived American import Zeke Ch Good Time Zeke (Imp USA). Rusty's first litter (the "Ruff" litter) had an amazing array of different blue merle patterns, and all the pups are much loved by their families and are excelling at their chosen fields.

On Sunday 14th May 2000 Rusty delivered her 8 Zeke pups. This was a red tri to black tri mating, and Zeke doesn't carry red, so we got a litter full of the most stunning dark, dark black pups with incredibly dark copper and white. There were 6 girls and 2 boys, but sadly the smallest boy died after battling for life for two days.

Power Litter
Courtney and Broker are owned by Stephanie Gibson at Perth WA. they are both excelling at Obedience, Agility and Herding

"Broker" Sugargum Power Broker CDX, HT,    "Courtney" Sugargum Power O One ET, HT JD,     "Zita" Ch Sugargum Power N Glory CD owner is Lyn Mussett VIC.

Windridge's Electric Soundtrack
Aust Ch Goodtime Zeke (Imp USA)
Goodtime La Frog
Sugargum's "Power" Litter
FVF's Trouble in the Making
Trueluc's Little Tucker
Doublestuff Oreo of Trueluc
Dayspring's Dakota Rust (Imp USA)
Las Rocosa Tom Bull Wolf
Bohan's Dakota Ann
Las Rocosa Candide